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Rochester Ginger is the original and one of the leading non alcoholic ginger drinks in the United Kingdom. The recipe dates back to the 1870s during Dickensian times near the historic town of Rochester, in Kent, south east of England. Originally made by the Great Grandmother of the current artisan master blender, the secret recipe has been handed down over three generations.

Today, Rochester Ginger is enjoyed by many discerning drinkers internationally, from Holland, the Baltics, America, through to the United Arab Emirates and is now available in Australia.

Our purpose is to source and supply real non alcoholic drinks for adults that not only taste amazing, but are good for you too. We hope you enjoy our range of traditional non alcoholic drinks. Cheers!.

What do others think of Rochester Ginger?

Sunday Food – Sunday Herald Sun Dec 6 2009

‘DRINK WITH KICK. A ginger drink recipe dating back to the 1870s is now available in Melbourne, delivering ‘the kick of two very angry mules’. The non-alcoholic Rochester Ginger contains 14% raw ginger root, crushed with elderflower, cowslip and raisins. It has a bigger spicy zing than ginger beer and works well with soda or fruit juice. This Dickensian drink also tastes amazing as a marinade for strawberries, stone fruit, or over ice cream. Available at specialist food retailers.’

48 hours, eat, drink, cook and be merry – The Age Sat Jan 9 2010

‘Those who enjoy a drink with a sharp kick but not any associated pain in the head could do far worse than grab a glass of non-alcoholic Rochester Ginger, which contains 14% raw ginger root, along with herbs cowslip and elderflower, and raisin – that’s the highest ginger root content you can get, and it’s true that all that ginger spice builds a fire in the throat when sipped neat that’s as potent as any good scotch. If that proves too intense it goes nicely on ice or mixed with sparkling mineral water, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.’

Health Benefits

gingerGinger has long been revered for its health and well-being benefits. Rochester Ginger (original) contains immune boosting natural ingredients of 14% raw ginger pressed, elder flower, cowslip and raisins. And it tastes amazing with a real kick!

  • refreshing thirst quencher during summer
  • great for nausea, digestion and circulation
  • immune boost to aid cold and flu like symptoms
  • helps with motion and sea sickness – take it on the boat
  • the perfect alternative to alcohol

Rochester Ginger is available across selected health food stores.

Further reading

Ginger and its health benefitshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginger




Rochester Products

Enjoy our range of traditional non alcoholic drinks maticiously crafted for your pleasure. Made to a Dickensian recipe, using time honoured methods of production to give the traditional taste of yesteryear. Many people have said that Rochester Ginger is probably the best alternative or substitute to alcohol. In fact many actually find it hard to believe its non alcoholic!

The secret to enjoying the range of Rochester Ginger drinks are to bring all the areas of your tongue into play. Take a sip, get this to the back, sides and underneath of your tongue – savour the flavour. Now it will warm you as you consume it. Only Rochester Ginger drinks do this, reaching parts others simply cannot reach.

Rochester Ginger

The original with the kick of two very angry mules.

Ginger has long been revered for having health and well-being benefits. Rochester Ginger is packed full of ginger – how ginger drink should taste without the need for alcohol. Smooth clean and crisp, with a satisfying kick that lingers.

Because it’s concentrate, it will last you a long time (unless you share it with others!) With the average serve of 30ml, you’ll enjoy around 24 servings from each bottle. It’s ideal to drink it neat, on the rocks or with your favourite mixer. See Recipes for great ideas.

Serve and store at room temperature. 725ml bottle, 24 servings per bottle. Key ingredients: 14% raw ginger root (pressed, not carbonated or fermented.) elderflower, cowslip, raisins, cane sugar. gluten free. kosher.

Tasting notes

Rochester Ginger in its neat state has typical spicy ginger flavours, as it should. However it has a clean lighter spice than expected, this and the medium level of sweetness offers a long, smooth satisfying palate that returns you to the glass moments later. It also offers a medium level of overall warmth to your mouth that is not overbearing and reminds you of the flavours you just experienced.


Rochester Dark Ginger

Bring out your dark side

The finest Jamaican Ginger is at the heart of this old Jamaican recipe. Smooth and velvety, this traditional ginger drink is the perfect indulgence with a satisfying kick that lingers. Infusions, decoctions and distillations of Ginger gives the discerning drinker a distinctly different and satisfying taste experience. An alluring drink that many find hard to believe is non alcoholic.

Serve and store at room temperature. 725ml bottle, 24 servings per bottle. Key ingredients: 9% raw ginger root (pressed, not carbonated or fermented) cane sugar, caramel and tartaric acid, lemon juice. gluten free. kosher.


Rochester Organic Mulled Berry Punch

3Mulled Fruit and Spices

A unique recipe of mulled organic elderberry, blackcurrant & apple juice, blended with a secret recipe of mulling spices and orange. The Times in England called it “A knockout Punch”.

Served hot it is the perfect winter warmer, an ideal welcoming drink for your friends during the festive season. Simply heat (in a saucepan or microwave) and serve piping hot. Garnish each glass with a slice of orange.

This drink is non alcoholic, but add a tot of your favourite tipple if desired. This drink contains whole, ground, organic spices- just shake the bottle before pouring and stir before serving.


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